Unlocking the Benefits: A Closer Look at California Proposition 19


California Proposition 19, passed in November 2020, brings about significant changes that can have a positive impact on homeowners and their families. It also replaces Prop 60/90 which were specific to certain CA counties.

  1. Property Tax Relief:

One of the key benefits of Proposition 19 is the property tax relief it provides to homeowners. Under the new law, eligible homeowners who are 55 years or older, disabled, or victims of natural disasters can transfer their primary residence’s property tax base to a new home of equal or lesser value. This means potential savings on property taxes, allowing individuals to maintain financial stability during major life changes.

  1. Family Home Transfers:

Proposition 19 also makes it easier for families to pass on their homes without the burden of increased property taxes. Before Proposition 19, when parents transferred property to their children, the property tax could be reassessed at market value. Now, with Proposition 19 in effect, eligible children can inherit their parents’ primary residence without triggering a reassessment, provided they use it as their own primary residence.

  1. Increased Housing Inventory:

By encouraging seniors to move to homes better suited to their needs without the fear of soaring property taxes, Proposition 19 has the potential to increase housing inventory. This could, in turn, benefit younger families and individuals looking to enter the housing market by making more homes available.

  1. Wildfire Protection Measures:

Proposition 19 also addresses concerns related to wildfires. Homeowners who have lost their homes due to wildfires or other natural disasters can now transfer their property tax base to a replacement residence anywhere in the state. This provision aims to provide some relief and stability to those affected by such devastating events.

  1. Funding for Fire Protection:

A portion of the revenue generated from the changes in property taxes under Proposition 19 is allocated to the Fire Response Fund. This fund is dedicated to supporting fire protection services, helping communities prepare for and respond to the increasing threat of wildfires.


California Proposition 19 introduces several noteworthy benefits for homeowners and their families. From property tax relief and family home transfers to increased housing inventory and wildfire protection measures, the positive impact of Proposition 19 is clear. If you’re a California homeowner, it’s worth exploring how this new law might benefit you and your loved ones. As always, consulting with a professional for personalized advice is recommended to make the most informed decisions for your unique situation.

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